“There is no greater satisfaction than the Creative Act. Embrace a material and make it transcend through the design and print left by the hands of the craftsman who sculpts it.”

A trip to Colombia, a country where I lived for seven years, revealed to me the value of the leather goods trade understood from the most traditional procedures. I was overcome by the hypnotic effect of seeing how one of the most valuable tools; our hands connected themselves with matter, giving us the incredible transforming power of creation. And not only so, but it meant the opportunity to give a second life to a material as highly valued as leather, which can be recycled in infinite ways, producing long-lasting products that contribute to curbing the industry that derives from mass consumerism. From there, I decided to embark on an adventure in which to give value to a trade so noble and yet so forgotten by the most developed countries.

For this reason, at Carbone Bags we have been making products since 2015 under a slow craft concept that combines love for craftsmanship and a production style that prioritizes quality over quantity in order to promote responsible consumption by avoiding as much as possible the ecological damage caused by the disposable industry. That's the reason why the objects that come out of our small workshop follow an aesthetic concept of simple lines and harmonic color combinations, becoming perfect pieces for a wardrobe that will last over time and with quality guarantees.

Currently we continue to focus on the search for new formulas that allow us to work with alternative and/or complementary materials with which we can assume our commitment to the Environment. This is how we have been replacing the fabric of our linings, betting on materials from the recycling of plastic bottles from the seabed, and started a 100% vegan line with the main material of our new ANANÀS collection for this Spring/Summer 2022: Piñatex.

Verónica Molina

Founder & Creative mind