directora creativa

The reverence and mastery with which leather deserves to be treated, crosses the horizon with the restless, curious and passionate look of Veronica Molina on the occasion of a change of residence of her native Barcelona in Spain, motivated by the realization of an architectural project that will end up becoming one of the new symbols of the heart of Colombia.

What began as a search to manage the maximum accuracy on her projects of interior design, they transcend in such a way that the leathers in Colombia will find one more possibility to express themselves through the universe of the accessories.

Since then the trail that leaves this incessant adventure to achieve better raw materials, the conquest of the best handmade hands, together with the best finishings, is allowing each of the people involved to become more aware of the magnificent window that opens by exploring and embracing the virtues of a process of refinement.

With the Leitmotiv "Where Fashion Meets Passion" it is evident how the passion is a living, real, and even strategic asset so that in every creation that comes out of the Carbone Bags workshop, is expected to be energetically impregnated with all that feeling with which the brand vibrates.

In short, it is not the first time that this designer finds a creative language of universal character with which to express themselves. His personal and professional career has also been closely linked to the world of music, during the more than 10 years in which his voice was able to conquer the various places of Spanish geography and beyond its borders.

Without a doubt, his spirit gives faith of how a creative character can be erected, where invention and evolution always have a leading role in its existence.

In short, Carbone Bags seeks to confirm how leather is capable of being immortal. So we will reveal it.

Camilo Guerrero Villegas
Fashion Maker · Branding & Luxury Advocate